2021 Open Education Week Open Education Week

Events organised by EDEN as part of the 2021 OEW

1-5 March

With the EDEN Open Education Week 2021 having come to an end, EDEN wishes to thank all the participants, moderators, panelists, organisers and partner institutions for supporting us in hosting an incredibly insightful and significant online event series, for the sixth year already. The online webinar series organised by EDEN arching through five days (March 1–5) was a great opportunity to reflect on changes and achievements influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and to enhance the possibilities of online and distance learning in the hopefully not so distant “new normal”. Participants had access to daily online webinars and panel sessions of expert scholars and practitioners who presented a variety of cutting edge open and online learning topics, from innovations in design to open educational research. We held six webinars added by a partner event organised by the Politehnica University of Timișoara, with 1070 participants altogether (via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live), from 79 countries all over the world.
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