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Project runtime: 1 Nov 2007 - 31 Oct 2010

Homepage: http://hextlearn.eu/

Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, Transversal Programme, Key Activity 3 – ICT

The HEXTLEARN Network aims at increasing the level of attention of the Higher Education Community by

  • generating awareness, commitment and networking on quality assurance aspects and strategic integration of ICT in teaching, learning and the innovation of Higher Education;
  • promoting mutual understanding and common purposes towards quality assurance and common innovation strategies among the groups active in ICT teaching and training in Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and addressing the different lifelong learning (LLL) subsystems;
  • disseminating replicable solutions to help setting up communities at EU level, establishing a community of decision makers in the context of a LLL strategy and to support the modernisation agenda for European organisations of Higher Education from a community of expert peer reviewers able to serve the quality development of ICT use for teaching and learning in HEI.