Project runtime: 1 Jan 1998 - 31 Dec 1999




funded by the Public Foundation for Open Vocation Training

Co-ordinator: National Institute for Vocational Training, Hungary
Project aims: supporting the development of the international compatibility, contacts and activities of the Open Vocational Training Foundation in the field of ODL
EDEN’s tasks:

  • commenting on the Hungarian “Open Vocational Training” initiative, proposing steps for its further development/continuation
  • advising about the main European trends in the field, including the identification of relevant documents, programs, resources of information (journal, web site, conferences, etc.)
  • identifying the key elements for the European compatibility of developments
  • to summarise the experiences and development trends in different EU countries in the field of open/distance vocational training and referring on relevant experience/initiatives in other countries,
  • to organise a one and half day workshop in Hungary and advise about the results of outcomes of concept development with the Hungarian researchers and members of scientific project committees of the Open Vocational Training Foundation
  • to advise about the most recent developments in the field of open and distance learning, particularly in the field of vocational training