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Project runtime: 1 Oct 2012 - 30 Nov 2014


Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci

ProM is a new European project aiming to provide a comprehensive professional training programme to European teachers by distance learning, to support the management, planning and implementation of mobility initiatives. It  aims to provide the training, information and support required:
– to enable teachers to manage, plan and implement mobility initiatives in their educational institutions
– to enable teacher trainers to integrate this knowledge into their teacher training programmes.

How does ProM work?

  1. Teachers take a quick online assessment to assess their current skills level on mobility management. They will then receive recommendations, tailored to them, as to which of ProM’s online training modules would best suit their needs.
  2. Teachers take the recommended ProM training modules to acquire or enhance their professional skills required on mobility initiatives (exchanges, work placements and ICT partnerships) through an e-learning platform.
  3. Teachers will have the opportunity to sign up to one special supported online module which will include feedback from experienced tutors. Those taking part will be trained alongside colleagues from other European countries, developing international links and creating a dynamic international network.