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Project runtime: 1 Jan 2005 - 31 Dec 2007


eLearning Programme – Area of intervention (b) European virtual campuses

The main activity in the project is the set-up and support of ‘real’ virtual mobility initiatives in the European Higher Education Area; i.e. the project focus is clearly on ‘real’ courses to be taken by ‘real’ students as part of a ‘real’ study programme. In order to deploy such a Real Virtual Erasmus (REVE) action, and using existing experiences, products and tools within and outside the partnership, the project will undertake two actions: (1) Virtual mobility course actions, in which this Real Virtual Erasmus is implemented on the basis of new as well as improved existing courses and programmes, with the right blend of virtual and real collaboration between students, teachers, and other knowledge workers across institutional and national borders; (2) Horizontal support actions, that enable and provide necessary services to the first action line.