#EDENRW10: Call for Contributions deadline extended

During this Research Workshop, EDEN will bring established scholars and researchers of ODL together with early researchers in the field. Building on DE’s extensive history of research and technology innovation, the workshop will create an open stage for further extending discussions on DE, where delegates will have an opportunity to engage with experts and actively explore the topics of Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning. We invite all interested professionals to take part and discover the Workshop Themes by submitting their proposals.

The Call will remain open during the summer, due to numerous requests from scholars with different holiday schedules, until 12 September. Those who send their submission until 23 July, will receive the result of the evaluation by 30 July. The last deadline is 12 September and authors submitting between 24 July – 12 September will be informed on the decision by September 25th.

For more information visit the Research Workshop website.