European Commission’s Corner – October 2017

Measuring the contribution of higher education to innovation capacity in the EU

The current study is part of the actions taken aiming to analyse the links between the operations and effects of higher-education institutions on the capacity to innovate in the economies in Europe.

Which policies can best support schools as learning organisations?

The ET2020 Working Group on Schools has just published the third in a series of reports on the governance of school education. In this new report the Group identifies examples of policies and initiatives from across Europe that are aimed at raising quality and equity in school education by supporting teachers and school leaders in their daily practice and professional development.

National Student Fee and Support Systems in European Higher Education – 2017/18

When students plan for higher education, one important element to consider is how much it will cost and whether they can receive any financial support. In a Europe where it is easier than ever to study in another country, reliable information on the costs and available student support in higher education is essential. This report aims to provide both an overview of the main features of national fee and support systems and more detailed information on each individual country.