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Take a look at how we see Budapest from the office of the Secretariat. The picture below shows the panorama of Budapest and buildings of the University seen from the office of the Secretariat. You can explore the broader view of the panorama by moving the mouse over the picture.

Please, contact the EDEN Secretariat with any further question or for information regarding membership and activities of the Association.

EDEN Secretariat: An Environmentally Conscious Office

As result of common interest and commitment for a sustainable future, the Secretariat staff is committed to keep our headquarters environmentally conscious. Following a systematic self-evaluation, a series of measures have been implemented, including greener office functions (less copying/printing, use of recycled paper, selective waste collection, energy saving measures, etc.) environmentally friendly detergents, measures to improve ergonomic and healthy workplaces, and encourage colleagues to use bike and public transport instead of cars. In 2014, the “Green Department” Award of the Budapest University of Technology was presented to the Center for Learning Innovation, the host institution of the EDEN Office as acknowledgement of our environmental awareness. The Award finds its home again at our offices again in 2014, following the years 2011 and 2013.

Having reached a reliable operation in this respect, you now find a modest indication on the EDEN „Green Office” in our communication:

“Think green! Please don´t print this e-mail unless you really need to. EDEN is running environmentally conscious office.”