Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the European Distance and E-Learning Network.

EDEN in 2021 was the most comprehensive open-distance-digital learning innovation Association in Europe. We celebrated last year our 30th Anniversary and have been present since 1991 on the international scene with legal headquarters in the UK, Milton Keynes.

As the United Kingdom has left the European Union (Brexit), serious barriers emerged for EDEN’s international cooperation mission. There has been a process to transform and continue the achievements, and activities of EDEN UK into a new, sustainable entity in an EU country.

A new Association, EDEN Digital Learning Europe, was launched in 2018, based in Tallinn, Estonia (“EDEN Europe”).

The “new EDEN” had over 300 members by the end of 2021. EDEN Europe started its activities with organization building and professional development. Several EU program applications were presented in 2021 with the support of EDEN UK.

In the spirit of sustainability of the past 30 years’ successes of EDEN, an agreement was signed between the two EDEN Associations to ensure the dynamics and continuity for EDEN Europe.

We encourage all members of the professional community to join EDEN Digital Learning Europe and help to continue the legacy of EDEN.