Micro thinking on human values for macro actions

After an intensive and rich Spring semester, which started with a discussion on the new, but very significant and forward looking EU Education policy, the European Commission adopted the initiative of the Digital Action plan.

This was followed by the preparation of EDEN actions and contribution suggestions towards its implementation – such as the Paris Peer Learning Activities, the Sofia Plenary meetings, several research activities, EDEN representing Europe in global Open Education Week with hundreds of followers online, the Bulgarian Presidency Conference in April, and several more events with participation of EDEN board and Presidency.

With the EDEN Genova Conference, AGM and EDEN Fellows’ meeting, the reflection on the Spring events helps to recall EDEN strengths and potentials that contribute to the implementation of the Digital Action plan in Europe, as well as to the preparation for the meeting with the think- tank of EDEN, the EDEN Seniors and newcomers in Genova, personalising and customising the agenda to meet the EDEN community expectations.

But what are the worries and concerns of the EDEN professional community?

There are various concerns, but they all lead towards the reflection on how we will implement the new policy initiative, and in general, how our decisions are made in applying technologies in education, and the importance of human values in this process.

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