MicroHE national dissemination event of EDEN on 10 June 2020

On 10 June EDEN held its national dissemination event in virtual form. The event was published on the EDEN website. EDEN invited 8 key experts and 2 presenters. 

The panel listened to presentations about the context, the Briefing Paper, the results of the Bled Masterclass, and the suggested meta-data standards, followed by the introduction of the Learning Passport as Credit Supplement. The expert panel discussed the 10 questions sent in advance to each expert in 2 sessions: first the questions referring to the documents developed by the MicroHE project, than the questions about institutional practice and plans to introduce micro-credentials, feedback and expectations.

The event was made public: 180 participants registered for the event and over 100 followed the webinar on our YouTube channel. The presentations were uploaded on slideshare.

The feedback of the panel was very positive, and raised awareness of the Micro-credentials issue in Europe as well as the MicroHE final conference on 23 June embedded in the EDEN 2020 Annual Conference.