April 2015

Openness in the Context of Sustainability: Video Interview with Belinda Tynan

April 20, 2015 by EDEN Secretariat   Comments (0)

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Airina Volungeviciene Vice-President of EDEN interviewed Belinda Tynan, Pro-Vice Chancellor of The Open University, UK ahead of her keynote speech at the #EDEN15 Conference in Barcelona.

Take a look:


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Airina Volungeviciene is the Director of Innovative Studies Institute at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania and Vice-President of EDEN. Airina has... Read full post

Think Together, Enable Dialogue and Get Feedback: From EDUPUNK to DS106 with Jim Groom

April 15, 2015 by EDEN Secretariat   Comments (0)

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Interview by Steve Wheeler, Plymouth University, UK


Recently on this blog I featured an interview with Martin Weller, one of the keynote speakers at #EDEN15.

I was also privileged to conduct an interview another of our EDEN keynote speakers, Jim Groom, adjunct professor at Mary Washington University in Virginia, the transcript is reproduced below:


1) What is Bavatuesdays, and why are you known as the Reverend?

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