'MOOCs: Game Changer or Passing Fad?' - Call for the RUSC special section

February 3, 2014 by EDEN Secretariat  

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Call for papers | Special Section on 'MOOCs: Game Changer or Passing Fad? '

Guest Editors: Sir John Daniel | Esteban Vázquez Cano | Mercè Gisbert

No recent developments in higher education have captured the imagination of the media and the attention of university leaders as MOOCs have done. Millions worldwide are enjoying free access to teaching on a wide range of topics and many institutions are joining in despite the absence of a viable business model. This special issue of the RUSC Journal will examine the phenomenon of MOOCs from different perspectives. Are they really a disruptive innovation and, if so, how are they changing higher education?

The specific thematic areas:

  • Why and how do institutions decide to offer MOOCs?
  • Who are the learners and what are their patterns of behaviour?
  • What are the implications of MOOCs for developing countries?
  • What changes are MOOCs stimulating in institutions (e.g. more online learning, shorter programmes/courses, public-private partnerships, etc.)?
  • How is evolving technology changing the infrastructure required to offer MOOCs?
  • MOOCs have spread beyond higher education and are now being offered by a wider range of institutions and organisations – what is their experience?
  • Are viable business models for MOOCs emerging?

Submission deadline: 30 June 2014
Publication due: in January 2015

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