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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

...scussed recent innovations in education, success cases and lessons le...le of EDEN organisation; Open Education in Croatia; ET2020 WG on Digi...s the German borders: Digital Higher Education in the EU”, Nove...nity or a Treat to Quality in higher education?”, December 2, 2...

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All about EDEN

...od that ODL would develop across a wider range of sectors than just higher education, but also in schools, developing solutions to overcome them. Open, flexible and online education must certainly find ways to i...

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June, 2019 (National Distance Education University, UNED, Spain)...Digital Education Hackathon...on for Academics: modernising higher education via open educational p...are for the academic staff of higher education institutions, with the...

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eLene2learn 6th Newsletter – Final Activities

The eLene2learn project provides a set of practical recommendations to teachers, tutors and learners in the secondary, higher and adult education sectors on the use of ICT and digital media...

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Professionalize your Teaching with Formasup

Enrol in Formasup, the Advanced Master in Higher Education Pedagogy! For detailed information on this postgraduate training programme organized entirely online, visit the Formasup website:

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Disrupting and Transforming the University - Links shared by speakers of EDENRW8

...t the opportunities and threats from technology and recommend that higher education institutions morph their response to these challenges. Examples of the transformation in higher education include:

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Issue 2, March 2014

  Newsletter March 2014 Issue 2 STAY IN E-Guidance Platform STAY ...

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Issue 1 - March 2013

  This newsletter is avalaible also in Italian, Spanish and Hungarian. Newsletter March 2013 Issue 1 Your opinion counts! Join o...

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