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There Are No Limits to EDEN

...nuously pushed and that our field of research and practice expects of EDEN more and more in each passing year. Delivering the Senior Fellow Award to Tony Bates, at the Sheldon...

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Reflections about Collective and Independent Study by M. G. Moore

...countries around the world. His success has been recognized by Penn State University with a Distinguished Professorship and a Lifetime Achievement Award, by a Fellowship at Universit...

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June, 2019

...ble online. Conference awards and recognition Best Research Paper Award Since...The EDEN Fellow Awards were given in 2019, based on...

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May, 2019 Part 1

...continuously granting the Best Research Paper Award at EDEN’s Annual Confer...t Environment Education byTharindu R. Liyanagunawardena Re...The Best Research Paper Award and Young Scholar Award will...

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Welcome Reception

...ows, and NAP members and enjoy the welcoming athmosphere. EDEN Staff will help you to find out the best ways to exploit the event. The EDEN Fellow Award will be presented at this occ...

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Programme elements explained

...CDE UNESCO chairs. Poster Session and Best Poster Award Voting The Poster...ants can vote for the Best Poster using start stickers. The Best Poster Award will be presented at the Gala...

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EDEN Fellow Awards Laudations at the Welcome Reception of the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference

The EDEN Senior Fellow title is awarded to outstanding EDEN members, in recognition of their contribution to the development of open, distance and e-learning in Europe and for their valued commitment and support to the evolution and progress of EDEN. The EDEN Fellow title is an expression o...

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Best Research Paper Award: Student Perspectives on the Use of Their Data: Between Intrusion, Surveillance and Care (PDF Download)

Feedback on Academic Essay Writing through Pre-Emptive Hints – Moving Towards ‘Advice for Action (PDF Download) by Denise Whitelock, Alison Twiner, John T. E. Richardson, The Open University, Debora Field, Stephen Pulman, University of Oxford, United Kingdom AND Stud...

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