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EDEN Anniversary Reflections

Celebrating the silver jubilee of EDEN (1991-2016), all the past Presidents are from the early 1990s when I discussed how we could establish an electronic newsletter with EDEN’s first presi...

1839 days ago

EDEN: 25 years as a Learning Environment

Some two years ago, at the occasion of the 100th opportunities within the whole of Europe (EDEN Newsletter 1, November 1992). You'll...Brighton in 1975, and then as editor of the ICCE Newsletter 1975-78. I chose to focus the...

1843 days ago


May, 2018 Part 2

May, 2018 Part 2 Highlights from EDEN Members and Partners...

1122 days ago

January, 2018

January, 2018 EDEN Conference News...

1240 days ago


eLene2learn 6th Newsletter – Final Activities

The eLene2learn project provides a set of practical recommendations to teachers, ready to share their lessons learnt. In this last edition of the project newsletter we highlight the final eLene2...

2477 days ago


Issue 1 - December 2012

Newsletter December 2012 Issue 1 Welcome to the I-TUTOR project! ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN EDUCATION THROUGH THE USE OF AI TUTORS The...

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Please, follow the link 'Page Navigation' on the left to reach the online issues of the I-TUTOR Project Newsletters.

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