OPEN DISCOVERY SPACE: Competence-Based Training for School Teachers

30 June 2013 – 05 July 2013, University of Crete, Greece

The aim of the course is to support the development of European schools’ digital culture and teachers’ digital skills, so that they are able to understand the uses and applications of digital resources in school practice, and subsequently to benefit from digital content and technology solutions covering a wide range of areas: Science, Mathematics, ICT, Social Studies, Arts and Language Studies.

Thus, teachers will not only be familiarized with a unique collection of open digital educational resources, but they will also be trained to link them with innovative pedadogical practices, such as using real world learning activities, implementing resource based and project-based approaches.

Throughout the course teachers will be handled in three different modes: a) as learners participating in real world learning activities; b) as teachers implementing resource based problem-solving educational projects and collaborative strategies in their classes; and c) as researchers collecting, examining and interpreting data about their practice and their students’ learning.

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