EDEN Valued Partners

Focusing on the importance of providing a meeting place for European co-operation, EDEN is engaged in building up partnerships with organisations who share our objectives in generating an influential and lively network.

EDEN is full institutional member of:

LLL – Lifelong Learning Platform

EDEN has reciprocal membership with:

CNIE – Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (formerly CADE)
EADL – European Association for Distance Learning
EFMD – European Foundation for Management Development
ESU – European Students’ Union
EUCEN – European Universities Continuing Education Network
HETL – International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association
IAIE – International Association for Intercultural Education
– International Society for Engineering Education
OBHE – The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education
– Network of Universities and NGOs
SEFI – European Society for Engineering Education
ABED – Brazilian Association for Distance Education

Collaboration agreement exists with:

The Online Learning Consortium (former SLOAN Consortium) (US)
USDLA – United States Distance Learning Association
IMS GLC – IMS Global Learning Consortium
ELIG – European Learning Industry Group
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EDEN is Honorary Member in:

MEEA – Middle-East E-Learning Association

EDEN is working with EADTU, the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities in strategic partnership for the development of open, distance and e-learning in Europe.