Transition of Primary and Secondary Education in Croatia to Online Schooling: Challenges and New Insights

Klara Bilic Mestric
Croatian Academic and Research Network

Jasna Tingle
Croatian Academic and Research Network

Martina Hribar
Croatian Academic and Research Network

Jasminka Maravic
Croatian Academic and Research Network


In the school year 2019/2020 during online schooling, 11 educators – teachers, head teachers and pedagogues kept reflective journals about their practice for three months, during which time they also participated in focus groups and individual sessions. Valuable data obtained through systematically conducted qualitative research led to the formulation of questionnaires for teachers, head teachers and parents, which were delivered at the end of the school year in July 2020. More than 26 000 responses were collected. Taking a phenomenological perspective, this paper provides snippets into challenges faced by educators during online schooling and highlights their need for ICT-related education in Croatia.

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