Internal Consistency of The Educational Value Scale for Green Outdoor Settings – The Case of Edupark App

Margarida M. Marques
University of Aveiro
Lúcia Pombo
University of Aveiro


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the internal consistency of an Educational Value Scale (EVS) to be used to assess individuals’ subjective perception of an educational app ability to support relevant learning in green outdoor settings. In this work, the EVS is presented as a scale with 12 items and data is aggregated and analysed to contribute to an empirical validation of the educational value construct. In this study, the analysis focuses a scale desirable psychometric property, the reliability, which is analysed through a robust Cronbach’s α estimation. Data for analysis is collected from a total of 924 responses to a questionnaire from students (of all school levels) and their teachers, after using the EduPARK app during a one-year face-to-face survey. Results reveal that the scale has internal consistency for teachers and older students (2nd, 3rd Cycle of Basic Education and Secondary teaching students). This study is an initial effort to validate an EVS, which can be helpful to researchers developing and accessing educational apps and to educators selecting educational apps to integrate in their teaching practices.

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