Artificial Intelligence and Learning Activities: A Match Made in Heaven?

Henrik Køhler Simonsen
Copenhagen Business School

José Manuel Emiliano Bidarra de Almeida
Universidade Aberta


Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) may be described as the next big disruptor in higher education, however, AIED still only remains “evidence of a potential” Balslev (2020). Practical experience with AI in higher education is very limited and potential pedagogical applications of AI has so far not been given much attention. The objective of this paper is to analyse and discuss concrete applications of AI to support different learning activities in higher education using the ABC Learning Design approach Young and Perovic (2016). The purpose of the paper is to contribute to research in the practical use of AI in higher education by presenting the AI Pedagogy Planner and to start the important theoretical discussion of AI applications from a pedagogical point of view. The paper is based on empirical data from nine selected cases of AI use in higher education in Portugal, the United Kingdom and Denmark, respectively. The analysis demonstrated that there is a need for new views on the pedagogical use of AI in higher education. However, the paper goes further and outlines an AI Pedagogy Planner combining six overall learning activities with eight types of AI applications.

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