An Effective Classification and Coding System for Managing and Monitoring the University Academic Programmes and Courses

Pankaj Khanna
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


An effective classification and coding system has been designed, developed, and implemented in one of the world’s mega universities, named IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University). This system classifies and categorises the various courses of each programme depending upon the nature and description of the courses involved. A suitable and acceptable numbering convention system has been structured for the academic programmes and courses involved. The codes assigned are found to be quite versatile and helps to quickly identify the course level, discipline, and revision version, etc. Also colour codes have been provided in the coding system presented since colours are found to be the unique and commercial medium that appeals to all visually and sensitizes mind quickly and differently. The classification and coding system presented takes care of any ambiguity that may arise while providing data and information, and communicating with internal and external agencies/stakeholders that include learners, teaching, and administrative university staff. The system presented would also be quite helpful for (a) Study material printing division of the university in sorting effectively and quickly supplying the study material to the learners, and, (b) Examination division of the university in quickly and efficiently scheduling the examination datasheets without and overlapping. The classification coding system acts as an effective quality management information tool to make an informed decision to resolve the various day-today challenges in managing and monitoring the university academic programmes and courses. Further, the presented system would facilitate to improve the overall working efficiency of the university education system and help to provide quality education system to its learners.

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