EDEN Open Badges – Recognising Skills and Achievements

The European Distance and E-Learning Network has extended its quality and excellence recognition with the launch of open badges aiming at helping colleagues within the EDEN Network to communicate their achievements and skills acquired via their participation in EDEN activities.

Based on the Mozilla Open Badge Standard, the open badges help you to share your skills and interests with the world in an easy and quick way. We start releasing open badges for the recognition of achievements with EDEN, e.g.: a participation and presentation at an EDEN conference, an active involvement in the professional activities of the Network of Academics and Professionals, etc. Our aim is to help people progress in whatever professional skills they would like to represent and build on.

Receiving and collecting badges representing your achievements with EDEN provides you the opportunity to show your skills and accomplishments to a wide audience in social web communities.

The badge itself is a digital image designed to represent a certain accomplishement. Behind the badge, there is a collection of meta-data about the criteria of the badge, but what is more important, you can add proof of the skill it represents to the online repository (Open Badge Passport), e.g.: your presentatation at the conference.

Badges are owned by the badge earner. Sharing, and even accepting, a badge is the free choice of the earner, so you can decide if and how you will use the badges to build your own professional brand.  

How it works?

  1. EDEN issues the badge as a recognition of an achievement with EDEN and sends a message about it to the badge earner.
  2. The message contains a link that leads the badge earner to the Open Badge Passport (http://www.discendum.com/announcement-open-badge-passport) ? a service developed by the Finnish company, Discendum Oy ? where the badge earners can decide whether they want to accept the badge or not.
  3. The first time someone earns a badge, they will be asked to join the Open Badge Passport ? a service platform, where you can collect and share badges. We warmly recommend you to take advantage of this opportunity.
  4. The earner can also share badges as part of his/her social network profile.

More information about open badges: