Three intellectual outputs are released!

The first three intellectual outputs of the PLEIADE project have been released to the public! All three outputs are accessible on the project website.

  • The first output (IO1) describes the Blended Training Activities that start on 20 May 2021 and will last for a year. In these activities, 75 teachers from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Italy will collaborate and learn about learning design, collaborative learning and social inclusion.
  • The second output (IO2) is the I4T game, a hybrid (digital/tangible) card-based game for teachers that want to design inclusive and collaborative activities for their students. The ‘I’ stands for ‘Inclusion’, the 4Ts model defines and frames collaborative learning activities in terms of four elements: TASK (activity that students are requested to carry out); aggregation in TEAMs (student groupings for tackling tasks), TIME (task phases and scheduling), and TECHNOLOGY (the environment in which the activity takes place, with its tools and resources).
  • The third output (IO3) is the gamified Moodle-based platform that will host the the training activities, including all webinars.

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