Webinar: Join the VM-Pass Living Lab

We invite you to the VM-Pass Webinars on 24  and 26 June 2014 via our online seminar room.

The seminar will start with a short introduction on the concept of “unbundled learning” and present some real cases of recognition of open learning. Subsequently, the Recognition Clearinghouse and the Learning Passport, a transparency and recognition tool for open educational resources, are introduced. The event will give participants the chance to clarify any questions they have as to conditions for joining the Living Lab that VM-Pass organise.

The seminar serves as an opportunity for interested institutions to receive information on:

  • open learning recognition as a concept,
  • the Recognition Clearinghouse and the learning passport,
  • how to join the on-going VM-Pass living lab on open learning recognition, which is piloting the passport and an online clearing house.

By joining the living lab you will have the opportunity to participate to:

    Work out the model, tools, services and systems of the recognition process
    Run a Recognition Clearinghouse System
    Validate the Clearinghouse System
    Issue Learning Passports
    Engage partners in quality dialog process.

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