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About the NAP Members Area

The EDEN NAP Members Area is intended to function as a professional community portal with improved quality of information and renewed social functions to meet the requirements of promoting the communication and dialogue between EDEN members.

The open source social network tool: elgg is used as platform for the NAP services.

NAP members are invited to provide data to be displayed in their profile ("My profile") and to join/use the communication and networking services (e.g. presence at other community portals, blog posts, favourites - links, wikis, resources, videos, podcasts, etc.).

Easy joining

Is your institution member in EDEN?
It was never easier to join the Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP).
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NAP members enjoy a variety of services of EDEN.
Joining is free for applicants from EDEN member institutions!

Check the members list and  fill in the online form.

Is your institution not yet an EDEN member?
If interested in joining, please consult the online application form or write to the EDEN Secretariat.

We look forward to welcome the new members in the Association!