Open Classroom Conferences

The Open Classroom strand within EDEN was launched in 1995, with the focus on: distance education and new technologies in school level education and training, mapping and exchange of information about initiatives, and the transfer of ideas from the more traditional areas of ODL to the school sector. The success of the first conference, entitled “The Open Classroom”, and the continuing interest of the international ODL professional community was the catalyst to develop this movement further within EDEN.

The Open Classroom Working Group functions with the participation of European experts, researchers and academics of school-level distance and e-learning from EDEN member organisations.

Publications related to OC Conferences

  • Selected keynote presentation of EDEN Conferences can be read here.
  • Proceedings and Book of Abstracts are also downloadable here.

2021 Open Classroom Conference – Athens

Real Change Takes Place in Deep Crisis

22-24 October 2021

2020 Athens

Open and Distance Education: New challenges and Perspectives

6-7 November 2020

2019 Athens

Creating Conditions for Deeper Learning in Science

29-30 June

2017 Kaunas

Open Professional Collaboration for Open Classroom

9-10 November

2017 Athens

Open Schools for Open Societies

20-22 October

2015 Athens

Open Discovery Space: Transforming schools into innovative learning organisations

2015 Aalborg

1st D4Learning International Conference

Innovations with Digital Learning for Inclusion (D4L)

2011 Athens

Never Waste a Crisis!

Inclusive Excellence, Innovative Technologies and Transformed Schools as Autonomous Learning Organisations

2009 Porto

The European School 2.0

Incubating Creativity and the Capacity for Innovation: Open Content, Social Networking Tools and Creative Learning for All

2007 Stockholm

Real Learning in Virtual Worlds

Teacher Professional Development and the Role of Mentors and Avatars in Schooling 21C

2005 Poitiers-CNED

Teachers’ Professional Development

Addressing eLearning, Innovation & Quality in Schooling

2002 Copenhagen

Pathways in the Open Classroom

From Experience and Reflection Towards a New Understanding

2000 Barcelona

Open Classrooms in the Digital Age

Cyberschools, e-Learning and the Scope of (R-)evolution