Looking ahead to the 25th anniversary year

December 23, 2015 by Antonio Moreira Teixeira   Comments (0)

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As I predicted in the EDEN President's Blog one year ago (see here) 2015 proved to be a very good and successful year for EDEN. The European open, distance and e-learning community is scaling up and so is EDEN.

Throughout the year our Association continued to widen its outreach. We've increased the number and impact of our events, as well as redesigned their formats in order to enhance networking and interactivity. We've boosted our web presence and online communication, highlighting our message and values, parallel with reaching for new target groups. We've enriched our portfolio of services and introduced innovative features, like the series of NAP webinars, the new training opportunities and the new recognition schemes. A clear effort has been taken to bring the Association closer to the millennial generation. Last but not least, we've established new alliances and upscaled old collaborations with major fellow organizations in the field. With all these efforts we have not only assured an expanded global representation of our academic and professional community, but also contributed to open up exciting possibilities for our members to cooperate and network across all regions and continents.

In this period EDEN has also managed to further improve what was already a remarkably strong public image amongst members, partners, followers and the community in general. As the recent stakeholders' survey shows, the community we are proud to serve seems to be very satisfied with the way we've been developing and are confident in our ability to improve even further in the future. This has naturally increased our responsibilities as an organization along with the challenges and opportunities we face.

As we look ahead into the new year, it becomes clear that we should prepare for exciting times. Our Association will celebrate its 25th anniversary. But as never before, EDEN looks fresh, bold, energetic and full of ambitious ideas and plans. As such, in the coming months we will be engaged in many new interesting projects and activities. Please, make sure to get involved.

To be continued...


View of the 25th of April bridge over the Tagus River. Lisbon. Photo by Eduard Gordeev