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October 14, 2014 by Antonio Moreira Teixeira   Comments (0)

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When an organization is leading its field as EDEN does, it needs to break through uncharted ground. Building a roadmap becomes therefore a critical task. Our network should feel proud on how it is successfully finding its way through a rapidly changing landscape.

Rolex Learning Centre, EPFL, Lausanne | Source: Association des étudiants en génie mécanique AMAC


As referred in my previous posts, over the last months EDEN has been quite active and visible, accumulating a number of quite successful events which clearly made an impact in the field. But, much has been achieved also in increasing our support to research activities and projects, the renovation of EURODL under the new leadership of Ulrich Bernath and the new dynamism given to the NAP, Europe's largest open and digital education professional community, under a new Steering Committee, chaired by Steve Wheeler.

In addition, our network is increasing its cooperation with other organizations across the world assuring a more active and visible representation of the European professional community on the global forums. In fact, I've just returned from Curitiba, in Brazil, where EDEN celebrated an ambitious collaboration agreement with the Brazilian Association of Distance Education (ABED). This immense country holds one of the largest open and digital education communities in the world, counting with an excess of 4 million students (630,000 enrolled in Higher Education formal courses alone). The EDEN/ABED alliance will enable both communities to expand even further and to share their knowledge, experience and resources. You can see me here in a break at the ABED conference in Curitiba (20th CIAED) where the signing ceremony took place, with Stephen Downes, César Nunes, EDEN Fellow Christian-Andreas Schumann and ICDE Secretary-general Gard Titlestad.

Photo by: Fabio Nascimbeni


The next stop in EDEN's roadmap will be the upcoming EDENRW8, our 8th Research Workshop, in Oxford in a just few weeks time. Co-organized with the Open University, the EDENRW8 will bring together the best of the European and global research in open and digital education in a very innovative and stimulating event. Excellent speakers and papers in a very interactive format. Many new features are being introduced helping making this a most memorable occasion. I hope you can come to the EDENRW8 and share with us this enriched experience. If not, please be sure to stay tuned via the social web.

However, the EDEN road will not stop at Oxford. In the pipeline there are other exciting initiatives. We will focus for instance on redesigning our web presence. Much effort is being dedicated to this vital aspect of our activity which will become visible in the coming months. Our goal is to develop a more integrated, interactive, dynamic, ubiquitous and open digital environment. One that will focus even more on supporting and promoting our network, awarding a greater visibility to its actors and activities. The EDEN web will be less of a portal to an organization and more of a central square to our professional community. In short, our web presence will not be an extension of our activity, but it's central location.

This new approach is very much the result of an ongoing modernization effort. The process has allowed us to become more efficient and flexible, attending an ever more diversified demand. For instance, the appointment of Ildiko Mazar as Deputy Secretary General has increased EDEN's capacity to reach out for emerging non-traditional target groups and develop innovative services for a new generation of practitioners. We shall continue exploring this.

The future seems bright for EDEN. However, the most reassuring aspect of this exercise is exactly the recognition that our organization is a much varied and rich network of institutions and professionals. The best assembly of expertise in Europe in our field of practice with a much experienced and competent team of experts at the EDEN Secretariat to back it. Well, with so many competent help on board, our journey can only be easy and enjoyable.



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