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PROJECT Newsletter – Issue 3

Dear Colleagues,

Since we last contacted you the TALOE (Time to Assess Learning Outcomes in E-learning) project has made considerable progress. The web-based e-assessment platform was finalised, demonstrations and presentations of the tool and the used assessment model took place in several international conferences including the IACEE 2015 workshop on online learning in Beijing, China, the 47th EUCEN Conference in Istanbul, the EDEN Annual Conference in Barcelona and the EUNIS Elearning Task Force Workshop in Dundee.

Web based e-assessment platform is open to public

The TALOE web tool is developed to help teachers and trainers decide on the assessment strategies to use in their online courses. The tool is envisaged to be used by teachers either to check if the existing assessment methods of their course or module are in line with the stated learning outcomes or to be advised on the most appropriate assessment methods for a new course or module. The decision engine is based on the ALOA model and consists in the estimation of a score as a measure of the best matching between the cognitive processes submitted by the user and the specific ones of a given assessment method.

The web platform also provides support and guidance to teachers to formulate the learning outcomes in accordance to Bloom taxonomy increasing this way the accuracy of the outcome received from the tool. It was tested using collected case studies in order to assess the accuracy of the decision engine. The testing process is documented and a combined report is available about the results of the analysis.

It is open to public for further testing and collecting feedback from the end users.


The TALOE platform with the user guides and all its free services is primarily developed in English but a German and French translation will also be available to facilitate its use for a wider audiences.

Series of webinars: Talks on E-Assessment and Learning Outcomes

The TALOE Partnership initiated a series of monthly webinars starting from January 2015 suggested for educators, educational developers, staff in learning support and those with responsibility for the management and quality assurance of assessment with the aims of putting in focus the learning outcomes, supporting educators in decisions about assessment, enchancing the quality of teaching and learning and to encourage academic exchange.

So fare there were 5 successful webinars organised with all the recordings available on the TALOE website!

Mind the Gap! Perceptual differences and learning

The webinar series will continue during the fall as well with the new webinar titled "Mind the Gap! Perceptual differences and learning" scheduled on 16 September 2015, starting at 11:00AM CET. The lecturer will be Steve Wheeler, associate professor of Learning Technology in Plymouth Institute of Education, Plymouth University. He is going to discuss different gaps teachers and students face every day – generational gaps, gaps in understanding, expectation gaps, gaps in literacy, intention gaps – which can be widened or narrowed by using technology. He also explores flipped roles, digital assessment and technology enhanced learning in his presentation.

Participants can join the webinar at https://connect.srce.hr/taloe_webinars/ without previous registration.


TALOE events

During the fall season of 2015 there will be several national events in Portugal, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Italy where the TALOE partners can be met face-to-face.

The final international workshop of the project will be organised in Brussels in November 2015.

If you would like to learn more about the events, contact us or sigh up on any of our social media.

Get informed

If you want to be among the firsts to be informed about the project progress, our events or if you have any questions about the TALOE platform, please contact us at taloe@up.pt or on the following social media:

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