4th Newsletter



Project Newsletter – Issue 4, december 2015

Dear Colleagues,

the TALOE (Time to Assess Learning Outcomes in E-learning) project has reached its end. The project ran for two years, co-funded under the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, approaching the e-assessment concept by using technology for assessing students’ learning.

It was funded on the premises of two previous initiatives. One was the ALOA model for the Alignment of Learning Outcomes and Assessment -, which uses the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy to establish the link between the LOs and general assessment methods. Our project used the same methodology with adapting it to the specific context of e-learning and e-assessment. The other main input for the project in particular regarding the template for describing the learning outcomes is the outcomes of the VIRQUAL project.

The partnership was led by the University of Porto and it consisted of five universities, two organisations of educational technology development and two international networks of educational professionals.

We thank you for following our progress and we hope that the results listed below will continue to be a valuable contribution for your professional work.

Best regards,

the TALOE Team

If you wish to get in touch with the team, please find contact details here.

Final European Workshops of TALOE in Brussels

The TALOE project was presented in Brussels 17 November 2015. The event, which comprised two workshops, included a formal presentation of the project and its objectives in the first session and a more practical session where participants could exchange points of view with other colleagues and practice with the TALOE web tool. The project web tool had been also presented the day before to a wider audience during the 2015 EUCEN Autumn Seminar.



Main TALOE Results

Web based e-assessment platform

The TALOE web tool (free service) is developed to help teachers and trainers decide on the assessment strategies to use in their online courses. The tool is envisaged to be used by teachers either to check if the existing assessment methods of their course or module are in line with the stated learning outcomes or to be advised on the most appropriate assessment methods for a new course or module.

The web platform also provides support and guidance to teachers to formulate the learning outcomes in accordance to Bloom taxonomy increasing this way the accuracy of the outcome received from the tool.


The TALOE platform with the user guides and all its free services is developed in English. A German and French translations of the guide are available to facilitate its use.

Talks on E-Assessment and Learning Outcomes

The TALOE Partnership initiated a series of monthly webinars suggested for educators, educational developers, staff in learning support and those with responsibility for the management and quality assurance of assessment with the aims of putting in focus the learning outcomes, supporting educators in decisions about assessment, enchancing the quality of teaching and learning and to encourage academic exchange.

There were 8 successful webinars organised with all the recordings available on the TALOE website!

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