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September, 2016, vol.2.




September, 2016, vol. 2.

EDEN Conference News

9th EDEN Research Workshop - EDENRW9
4-7 October 2016, Oldenburg, Germany
Organised in collaboration with: Carl von Ossietzky Universität

Forging new pathways of research and innovation in open and distance learning: Reaching from the roots


Last call for the undecided to secure their participation at the conference: registration is open until 3 October. Please visit the Online Registration Form to join the event.

Detailed Programme Available

The Conference programme includes plenaries, parallel sessions with paper presentations, workshops, poster and synergy sessions. Great interest is shown by the several submissions outside of Europe: from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Turkey and Australia.

Online Streaming of All Keynote Speeches

All EDENRW9 keynote speaches (see titles below) will be streamed online. Follow the conference website for the details.

  • Paul Prinsloo: The Increasing (Im)Possibilities of Justice and Care in Open, Distance Learning
  • Inge de Waard: Self-determined Learning: Lifelong Learning in an Open Range or Fenced Land?
  • Olaf Zawacki-Richter & Som Naidu: Exploring 35 Years of Research into Distance Education
  • Isa Jahnke: Studying Learning Expeditions in Cross Action Spaces with Digital Didactical Designs
  • George Veletsianos: A Scholarly Life Online

Focus Group Session

On Thursday morning, 6 October from 11:30-13:00, we will be offering a special focus group session for workshop delegates to meet and engage in further dialogue with our keynote speakers. During the focus group session, you will have an opportunity to join in on round table discussions with the individual speakers and further explore the ideas presented during the keynote plenaries. Results of the focus group sessions will be posted later on EDEN’s NAP web site.

Community Update

The Perspectives of the European Instructional Designer

EDEN is proud to be the European strategic partner of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) and contribute to the ASCILITE LIVE! webinar series.

The webinar "The Perspectives of the European instructional designer" will be run by Denes Zarka, ICT-enhanced learning designer on 26 October 2016, at 17:00 AEDT, that is 8:00AM CEST. This webinar focuses on the problems and solutions of a learning designer in the context of open learning. He will explore what "open" stands for in the context of learning resources and present various (sustainable) models for the use and re-use of Open Educational Resources (OERs). Register here for the webinar.


National Distance Learning Week in the USA

The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) annual National Distance Learning Week will be held on 7-11 November, 2016. After our successful collaboration last year, EDEN is yet again pleased to be the global partner of the event, contributing with several webinars on educational leadership (HE focus), home and hospital education and teacher creativity (K12 focus), and open badges as well as highlighting global collaborations.

We are also encouraging you to join EDEN in celebrating the National Distance Learning Week in the US. If you are a representative of a national association, you may wish to organise your own distance learning week, that we would happily promote as part of the activities under the EDEN umbrella. Please stay tuned as there will be further announcements on the EDEN portal about the developments of this European-American collaboration and the individual events that you can register for.


School Innovation and Inclusion

On 5th November 2016, the Universal Design for Learning - UDLnet project will organise a closing conference "School Innovation and Inclusion" in Athens, Greece. The event is delivered with the endorsement of EDEN under the EDEN Open Classroom banner, our initiative that focuses on distance education and new technologies in school level education and training.

During this event, the partners will present the "The Pathway to Universal Design for Learning" which includes all findings and conclusions of the network and aims to support the deployment of accessible educational e-content and to make available a set of policy recommendations, which may be used at regional, national and transnational level.


REGISTRATION OPEN! Preparing Higher Education leaders to become the change makers of the university of tomorrow

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, 14-18 November 2016

The 1st D-TRANSFORM Leadership School is a unique opportunity to update leaders and senior managers in European higher education institutions with knowledge, skills and attitudes which they need to have in order to make effective decisions about the use of digital techniques in learning and teaching, drawing on expert presenters.

Representatives of EDEN member institutions can attend the event FOR FREE and they are also eligible for a grant.

Digitalisation in university continuing education: Technology, content and pedagogy

eucen’s Autumn Seminar 2016 (Barcelona, 24-25 November, 2016) will focus on digitalisation in university continuing education, understood as the increased use of new media in the context of lifelong learning. Within its programme EDEN's former President, António Teixeira will deliver a keynote speech and EDEN Deputy Secretary General, Ildikó Mázár will facilitate a workshop about the use of Open Badges to recognise non-formal and informal learning.

European Commission's Corner

Opening up Education: A Support Framework for Higher Education Institutions

The report presents a support framework for higher education institutions (HEIs) to open up education. The framework can be used as a tool by HEI staff to help them think through strategic decisions: pedagogical approaches, collaboration between individuals and institutions, recognition of non-formal learning and different ways of making content available.

Within the OpenEdu initiative other studies were carried out, building up to the OpenEdu framework report:


Public consultation on the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

This public consultation aims to provide evidence and data for designing the EIT’s future activities and initiatives, including the next Strategic Innovation Agenda for the years 2021-2027. You can have your say at EIT until November 2016. The resulting report is expected around mid-2017.

The Commission has also just launched a round of other public consultations concerning Education, Research and Technology, Audiovisual and Media and Information Society. You can contribute to the consultations via the "Your Voice in Europe" site.


European Vocational Skills week: 'Discover your talent!

This first European Vocational Skills Week will take place from 5 to 9 December 2016 with events in Brussels and parallel activities by companies, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, social partners, as well as many other stakeholders in Member States. The initiative aims to inspire both young and adults to discover and use their talent through VET and to increase VET attractiveness by showcasing examples of excellence and quality.


DigComp 2.0: Validation survey of 8 proficiency levels

The European Digital Competence Framework 2.0 (DigComp v2.0), developed by the Joint Research Centre on behalf of DG EMPL of the European Commission, has been now designed to cover eight proficiency levels. We would appreciate it if you could give your feedback on these levels by responding to this survey, that will help us to validate these proficiency levels. The closing date of the survey is 03/10/2016


Projects, practices, showcases

Workshops on how to Improve Soft Skills to Ensure Better Employability and the potential of open badges in recognizing skills development

During EDENRW9 (Oldenburg, 4-7 October) and Mozilla Festival (London, 28-30 October) ERASMUS+ funded Open Badge Network and eLene4work projects will hold interactive sessions to highlight how open badges can serve to promote the acquisition and demonstration soft skills demanded by the 21st century labour market.



WEBINARS about Home and Hospital Education

Join the LeHo webinars during October and November 2016 to learn about innovative tools and relevant resources for home and hospital education practitioners, stakeholders and interested parties. The webinars will be held in English. The next event "HHE help... that's how they do it!" is scheduled on the 5th October, 15:00 CET.

OpenPROF legacy

The OpenPROF project has officially ended on the 31st of August 2016, but the collaborations forged between the OpenPROF partners and their courses' pilot participants live on, and expand, in the forms of continued joint research activities and study visits. The rich collection of the project results described in detail in the 7th and Final Issue of the OpenPROF newsletters, will remain available for free on the project web portal. We encourage you to explore them, learn from them and apply creativity to produce your own translations and adaptations for your own teaching/learning practices. Would you need peer assistance to get started or to discuss how to overcome difficulties and challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Changing roles of the teachers in a changing world

Want some inspiration and support in how to facilitate students' autonomy and learning-to-learn skills? The t-MAIL project team has developed a mobile application to support primary school teachers in the promotion of their students self regulated learning (SRL) skills. We are now recruiting schools and teachers who would be interested in the testing of the app. The pilot will take place in Belgium, Spain and in the UK. It also offers the opportunity for schools to share their experiences of SRL with colleagues in another pilot country and to apply for their own funding for a short job shadow later in 2017.

Highlights from EDEN Members and Partners

Validation and open educational resources

This thematic report focuses on validation of learning acquired through open educational resources, such as participating in massive open online courses. It explores relevant main types of validation mechanism and provides an overview of validation practices - with particular focus on assessment and certification - as well as recommendations.


Making Sense of Flexibility as a Defining Element of Online Learning

In this article, Sir John Daniel, Contact North | Contact Nord Research Associate explores the opportunities and challenges flexibility presents by referring back to the Iron Triangle of access, quality and cost to help visualise how technology initiated a revolution in education through open and distance learning (ODL) and how - although online learning presents a richer and more complex range of possibilities than earlier forms of ODL - the Iron Triangle remains a useful point of reference.


How To Leverage Quality To Drive Rather Than Block Innovation

"We need to escape from the “ISO 9000” thinking about quality, which so informed the quality movement in the 1980s, andmove to a much more experiential and outcome view of quality if it is to be the engine of transformation." Ten key developments which will drive the new thinking about quality and quality assurance are discussed in this article on


Debunking international student mobility myths

Vincenzo Raimo from University of Reading discusses 3 fallacies in our assumptions about outward student mobility as the central tenant of internationalisation. Read more...


Educational Research Methodology Framework

This article by Patrick Blessinger provides a brief overview of the educational research methodology framework and how it came into existence and how it might be the most useful to higher education faculty, researchers, and students involved in educational research.


Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education and Glossary of ODL available

The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education (TOJDE) is an open access peer-reviewed academic distance education journal (published in English) that provides readers with scholarly and academic thinking and research in the field of distance education.


Does Africa Need an “African” Management Education Model?

Research concluded that only a very small minority would favour a single African management education model. The balance of responses are almost evenly split between a clear “no” and those who favour a balanced basic model – perhaps using Western ideas but with a contextualised content that reflects the differences in the contexts and cultures across Africa, clustered into sub-regions that are all quite different with a range of ways of doing business.


Publications and Events

EdX launches new credential for global career advancers in in-demand fields

EdX, the global, online learning platform from Harvard and MIT, has launched a new credential that is changing master’s-level education and workforce development. MicroMasters, a first-of-its-kind program, will be offered in in-demand fields including international law and sustainable sciences from some of the world’s leading institutions. The program is designed in collaboration with leading universities with input from global blue-chip companies.


The State of the Learning-Technologies Market 2016


The Learning Technology Trends survey was conducted in January 2016 with over 1,000 respondents. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the learning and development market (trends, growth, spend, and customer success).


Creative Learning in Higher Education

The book Creative Learning in Higher Education: International Perspectives and Approaches by Linda S. Watts and Patrick Blessinger (editors) helps higher education professionals understand and cultivate creative learning across disciplines in any college and university setting. It examins trends in creative learning and explores the ways teachers can foster creativity.


What and How to Teach with Video

A 4-week MOOC is to start in January based on the book by Jack Koumi Designing video and multimedia for open and flexible learning (2006, reprinted 2009). The MOOC includes powerful teaching/learning roles for which video is potentially capable as well as pedagogic design principles to achieve this potential.


Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation

The book - drawing on 15 case studies contributed by 29 OER researchers and policy-makers from 15 countries across six continents - illuminates the impacts of OER on the costs of producing, distributing and providing access to learning materials, and shows the way that OER can transform the teaching and learning methodology mindset.


The Rise of the Online Degree at Public and Nonprofit Universities

The craze over Massive Open Online Courses, which led some enthusiasts to prophesize the decline of traditional universities, has died down. But analysis suggests that traditional universities are steadily embracing online courses. Read more...


Evaluating the EU’s Horizon 2020 and designing FP9

"Horizon 2020 has become too focused on activities close to the market with a significant risk that Europe is missing out on game-changing innovations with the possibility of creating new value chains and solving societal challenges. More funding should be allocated to collaborative research projects at lower Technology Readiness Levels". As input to the work programme of the EU's H2020 for the period 2018-20 and the next framework programme – FP9 – Norwegian and Danish authorities have published their recommendations. Read more...




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