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May, 2017 Part 2


May, 2017 Part 2

Publications and Events

What Happens in Project-based Learning?

"There is an accumulating literature over the last decade on collaborative learning in various types of settings, from more focussed learning tasks to open enquiry to problem-based projects. Project-based teamwork was valued as students were required to work together for knowledge sharing, knowledge building and problem-solving, and thus provide them with opportunities to be acculturated as members of a knowledge community." This paper explores the question “what happens in project-based learning?” based on the observations made during the SLITS (Self-directed Learning with InformationTechnology Scheme) project.


Call for Applications: CONFINTEA Scholarships and Fellowships 2017

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) is inviting applications to its CONFINTEA (International Conference on Adult Education) Research Scholarship and CONFINTEA Fellowship programmes. Successful candidates will have the chance either to develop research which will inform policy and practice in Member States or to develop national strategies to shape adult learning and education in their home countries. They will benefit from the expertise and resources of UIL and its external partners. Candidates are asked to submit their applications for the Research Scholarship by 31 May and for the Fellowship Programme by 15 June 2017.


Parents as Educators Today- International Day of Families 2017

The International Day of Families is held on 15 May every year. This year the United Nations has decided to focus on parents as the primary educators of their children. The message of the year does not only acknowledge parents as educators and emphasise the crucial role parents play in the education of their children, but also calls the attention of policy makers to the importance of empowering parents as well as offering them conditions for balancing work and family life. Read more...


What Makes an Open Lab 'Open'?

As public universities divert resources into new kinds of learning spaces, they should promote collaborative and mutually enriching connections among students and institutions, write Robin DeRosa and Dan Blickensderfer.


Universities should be flexible on admitting refugees

"National authorities and higher education institutions should take a flexible approach to the recognition of degrees, periods of study and prior learning of refugees, in line with the Lisbon Recognition Convention, according to a new study by the European Students’ Union." An article by Brendan O'Malley.


Why care about impact?

The impact, or otherwise, of academic research in management and business is a current hot topic but Peter McKiernan and William Glick suggest a cooler, more measured approach.


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