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Step by step guide to register: How it works

You probably received the notification via e-mail: the registration for the Conference is open!

You can only register via the online form here:

There are some important modus operandi to remember:


1., Before registering online, you should look into which registration fee applies to you:

  • Are you an EDEN member and submitted a presentation proposal for the conference? Have you received a confirmation of acceptance via e-mail? If yes: your registration fee will be 400 EUR and when you register online, you should tick: 'EDEN Member, Author".
  • If your confirmation of acceptance hasn't arrived yet, you would probably wait for mid-March when the notification of authors are final.

  • You are not EDEN member and have a presentation accepted? Your fee will be 500 EUR.
  • You have no presentation and wish to participate? If you are an EDEN member, your fee will be 450 EUR, if you are not a member yet, your fee will be 550 EUR.
  • Are you a Student or Young researcher (PhD or Graduate) and under 35 yrs of age? For young scholars a special discounted fee of 200 € is offered. To request admission as a student, please send a short ‘motivation’ letter to the Conference Secretariat at together with an evidence of your student status and age (a student card / PhD card scan is usually enough, inlcuding your Personal ID scan or other evidence of your age). Your personal data will be kept private and will not be handed out to a third party.
  • Are you joining the conference in the company of other colleagues from the same institution? Are you more than 3 persons? Then you could apply for a group rate and you will get a 15 % discount of your registration fee!
  • Are you not a member yet? Well, you might want to consider joining now, as a combined membership fee and conference registration brings you considerable savings. Check the fee table for details.
  • The Conference Dinner: as the highlight of the social events around the conference, participants usually meet for this informal event. The costs are not inlcuded in the registration fee, but can be paid together with the fee. You will need to mark 'Yes' in the online registration form if you wish to participate. In case you wish to bring along your partner, please transfer two Dinner fees and let the Secretariat know. The Dinner Ticket is issued to you on site upon on-site registration.

2., After the online registration, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the receipt of the form. This is not yet the Confirmation of Registration. You will now need to arrange the fee payment. The details on how to pay (in Euros) will be written in the e-mail you received after submitting the online registration form.

3., As soon as the Secretariat received your payment, you will receive the official Confirmation of Registration. Congratulations! You are now fully registered!

4., In case you registered late and arranged the payment but haven't received the Confirmation of Registration via e-mail, please make sure to print the bank transfer evidence of payment and bring it with you to the event.


1., Before leaving for Zagreb, make sure, you read the Joining Instructions (via e-mail or online) to check when the on site registration desk opens. If you arrive on the first day, make sure to get there early, as this is the most busy registration time and you might miss a keynote presentation due to waiting in line.

2., When you arrive on location, you will see the Registration Desk. Go to the Desk, tell your name, and our colleagues will check if your status is OK (registered online, payment received). This is the on-site registration procedure. You will now receive your badge for the conference, and all printed materials included (Book of Projects, Book of Abstracts, Proceedings on CD).

3., In case you booked the Conference Dinner, you should find the Dinner Ticket(s) in your pack as well.  Don't forget to bring this Ticket with you to the Dinner location, this is your entry ticket to the Dinner.

4., In case your status in not OK in our lists, the reasons will be told to you and we will do our best to find the best solution. Usually when payment of registration fees are arranged too late, the arrival of the amount is not yet visible in our accounts, so your status is put on HOLD.

a) If you printed the payment evidence (see BEFORE THE EVENT #4) and brought it with you, just hand it over to our colleagues and your registration will proceed immediately.

b) If you have no printed evidence, our colleagues will advise you on how to proceed.

4., Please, put on your badge, wear it at all times and try not to loose it. Without the badge, you might be contacted by our colleages for security reasons. This badge is your entry ticket to the conference services. At the end of the conference you might want to return it to the Registration Desk for environmental reasons. We run an environmentally conscious service and recycle materials the best we can.

Would you have any questions, our colleagues at the registration desk will be always happy to help you. If you have any questions now, don't hesitate to ask here!

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