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Issue 2, March 2014


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March 2014

Issue 2

STAY IN E-Guidance Platform

STAY IN has developed and is currently testing an open-source web-based platform to help students to avoid drop out. The platform does not only aim to give students support to find information tackle practical problems, but also to provide real counselling service. Services can be interactive (counselors to student, or peer to peer) or non-interactive (self-paced information); synchronous or asynchronous; textual or audio-video (online meetings). Moreover, the platform has capacity to manage user information and data and of keeping track of all the services provided. Its architecture allows several independent counselling provider to be managed by a single, multilingual installation.

To support the development of this system and its services, research activities were carried out in the initial phase of the project, which resulted in the report ‘Guidance for inclusion: practices and needs in European Universities' (Executive Summary available in EN, ES, IT, HU).

The STAY IN piloting Has been launched

The STAY IN platform is available for piloting since the 1st February in three piloting countries – Hungary, Italy and Spain. A range of services are being piloted through the STAY IN platform, following the implementation plans of the involved universities:

Piloting at the University of Macerata

The University of Macerata, jointly working with the guidance and career offices ADOSS and the academic and technical staff of the Department of Education, is launching the STAY IN platform & services. The overall piloting implementation is designed toward comprehensive information, support and ongoing guidance services which include:

  • gathering of information resources about the university offer and the support services available for in situ and online students;

  • improved coordination and online availability of services;

  • the establishment of a peer mentoring, including e-mentoring, programme;

  • the active contribution online of the guidance and counselling staff of the university and the academic and technical staff of the Department of Education;

  • continuous online support and ongoing guidance for the university students.

Piloting at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The piloting process of the STAY-IN platform at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has started in February 2014 and involves users from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics and the Student Center. The platform intends to assisst to the already existing student support system at the University with its several available functions. The students will be able to make any request concerning the help they need: e.g. in study, financial, psychological, administrative issues, etc. A dedicated site is available, where the student – after registering – is able to send his or her request, which is then being received by the student support coordinator and is assigned to an advisor or specialist.

Results of the piloting and updates on the project's activities
are shared on the STAY IN website.

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EDEN Annual Conference 2014, Zagreb

STAY IN will participate at the EDEN Annual Conference in Zagreb in 10-13 June 2014. The Conference theme is "From education to employment and meaningful work with ICTs". STAY IN is planning to participate in the event with a paper presentation and also to join the discussions and interactive collaborative work of the Synergy Strand with representatives of other ongoing initiatives (online activities will also be included).


Educational guidance campaign in Italy

The Italian Ministry of Education has launched the educational guidance campaign “Io scelgo, Io studio” (“I choose, I study”) to support students from lower to upper secondary education in their educational choices.

The portal (in Italian) contains all the information needed to be aware of available learning pathways in formal education in Italy. An advice service from experts is also available. Furthermore, a “guidance test”, developed by the Inter-University Consortium Alma Laurea, can be carried out online.


Drop out and completion in higher education in Europe among students from under-represented groups

Report from the European Commission, October 2013.

School Guidance Handbook, ISSN 2009-6801

The School Guidance Handbook is an online resource to support the development and delivery of the school guidance programme. As the guidance counsellors have a key and central role in the school guidance programme much of the content is directed towards them. However, since the key to effective Guidance is a whole-school, collaborative approach, the content has been developed with school management and staff also in mind. All are encouraged to access and use the Handbook in support of students.

Key influencers of international student satisfaction in Europe

Have you ever wondered what international students see as important when they are studying abroad? How important academic aspects are compared to the atmosphere of city where they are studying in? Or even if external factors like the weather make a difference?

The answers to all these questions can be found in a new report on international student satisfaction by StudyPortals. The report "Key influencers of international student satisfaction" gives a unique insight into what students think about studying abroad, gained by analysing comments made by almost 17,000 international students on the student experience exchange platform,

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