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Synergy WG: The role of ICT and digital competencies in excluded / at risk groups' lives

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Welcome to the work area of the "The role of ICT and digital competencies in excluded / at risk groups' lives" working group. Before and after the event, participants are invited to:

  • Share: you can load up PDF documents, flyers, pictures, in the Files section and share the link to it in the comments of this page. You can also create a sub-page to this WG if you wish to explain more, or share links in an organised way;
  • Discuss: use the Discussion section to start exchange. Ask questions, share your thoughts and see what your peers think;
  • Join: come to the face-to-face session of the Synergy strand and use the virtual post it wall during the event to share links, videos, etc you hear about during the event.

During the Conference, the group will use an online tool: Virtual Post-it wall called Linoit.

You are invited to post your resources on virtual post-it wall on Lino: you can publish small (Post-it-like) stickers, such as links to resources, videos from YouTube, images and small notes/comments related to your projects and/or the Synergy Strand themes. Linoit is a tool we will be using during the conference days. We highly recommend you to join our group, although your registration is only optional.

Please, indicate what you, your institution and/or project can OFFER and what you would NEED (1 suggestion / post-it) within the theme, selecting one of the following 4 categories:

  1. joint event (when and where)
  2. reciprocal piloting/peer review (what, when, how)
  3. community sustainability (where and who)
  4. new partnership (aims and objectives)

Your post-its should bear your name and contact and any further information you find necessary for fellow participants to understand your suggestions.

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The NEST - Network of Staff and Teachers in Childcare Services project would be glad if organizations dealing with Early Childhood Education and Care would join the international blog and bring in some success stories.

The NEST International Group is an opportunity for members to exchange in English language with foreign colleagues in four forums: the first is for a quick introduction, one is dedicated to Questions and Answers (Q&A), one for presenting Success Stories that speak about practices that are noteworthy and significant and the final one is one of the selected topic for the NEST workshop at the EDEN Conference: Support to Early Educators to Face Contemporary Issues: Media Education and Values (Session A5).

As for success stories, we are particularly interested in: Policy in ECEC, Quality in ECEC; Continuous training of ECEC staff, Exchange with peers on educational materials/tools and on daily didactical routine; How to deal with parents; children with special needs.

To contribute you have to register to our multilingual platform.

Eva Szalma 3102 days ago

NEST OFFER: we created a pool of resources of ECEC related documents and good practices. This NEST Library contains resources in eight languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, Greek, Finnish, German and Hungarian and can be searched by the age relevance or using pre-set keywords. The Library is constantly growing as the whole NEST Community can submit resources.

As the project is in its final stage we are happy to offer this resource pool to other relevant initiatives.

Eva Szalma 3102 days ago