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Synergy WG: Inspiring teaching practices and competence development for ubiquitous learning

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Welcome to the work area of the "Inspiring teaching practices and competence development for ubiquitous learning" working group. Before and after the event, participants are invited to:

  • Share: you can load up PDF documents, flyers, pictures, in the Files section and share the link to it in the comments of this page. You can also create a sub-page to this WG if you wish to explain more, or share links in an organised way;
  • Discuss: use the Discussion section to start exchange. Ask questions, share your thoughts and see what your peers think;
  • Join: come to the face-to-face session of the Synergy strand and use the virtual post it wall during the event to share links, videos, etc you hear about during the event.

During the Conference, the group will use an online tool: Virtual Post-it wall called Linoit.

You are invited to post your resources on virtual post-it wall on Lino: you can publish small (Post-it-like) stickers, such as links to resources, videos from YouTube, images and small notes/comments related to your projects and/or the Synergy Strand themes. Linoit is a tool we will be using during the conference days. We highly recommend you to join our group, although your registration is only optional.

Please, indicate what you, your institution and/or project can OFFER and what you would NEED (1 suggestion / post-it) within the theme, selecting one of the following 4 categories:

  1. joint event (when and where)
  2. reciprocal piloting/peer review (what, when, how)
  3. community sustainability (where and who)
  4. new partnership (aims and objectives)

Your post-its should bear your name and contact and any further information you find necessary for fellow participants to understand your suggestions.

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Experties offered

  • Support universtities to create open resources
  • ICT knowledge center for teacher training: eg. video usage in classroom
  • Intercultural competences, soft skills – these in digital environment
  • Implementation of social media in HI: social media toolkit, social network usage. Material available in English, Turkish, Russian
  • eTutor training. Material available in English, Russian, Ukranian, Armenian.
  • Training in academic writing for science publications (German)
  • Capacity building for young researchers: Easter European universities are interested to train their young teaching staff how to gain or create research opportunities.
  • Usability, interfaces of TEL systems.
  • Working with kids from different cultural backgrounds that are in conflict with each other: meeting online and progressing from there. Working also with the teachers involved: first how to make teachers collaborate so children follow suite.
  • Make the initial connection to people in conflict using ICT. First audio, than video, than face-to-face.  Working together on science topics. Conflict management
  • Training of secondary teachers to use ICT in the classroom. Materilas available in Croatian.

Project results offered:

  • Digi skills (project)
    • Best practices of Austrian teachers.
    • Training teachres about inquiry based learning in classrooms
  • eLean2learn (project)
    • teachers seek inspirations to use new technologies in classroom
    • exchange of good practices
    • Implemented case studies of teachers`s practices to share
    • interest in using other project outcomes
  • TALOE (project)
    • Web-based platform to help teachers decide which e-assesment strategy to use in their online courses.
    • Invitation to test (next year)
    • Materials available in English, German, French.
  • eSolve (project)
    • eLearning in VET training
    • summer camps in Hungary (language is English) offering training for VET experts and developers

What participants are looking for:

  • Useful practices that can be easily put to use
  • How to raise the motivation and engagment of students? Training them to manage themselves in writing publications independently.
  • Project partners for new projects about digital skills

Discussions in sub-groups

Best practices to share best practices, ways to share, best way, mechanism

Group I.

Teachers have to learn from the digital world. Teachers are seen as self-learners and as end-users: they might have problems experts and researchers are not aware of. New project ideas for caring about end users. How to reach teachers to solve their problems?

  • Share audiovisualy the info.
  • Puting the call out during a relevant event – a message of call for collaboration on new projects will be recorded and disseminated on the EDEN conference.
  • In case of synergies put info on the website of the projects involved, with short teaser information. Little effort, simple, both project gain from it.

Group II.

Exchanges views on the case of the different background teachers and kids brought together. Contrary to the initial Israely project, some participants expressed the importance of exposing the the conflict. Exposure and active reflection is important in order to be able to move on.

Using video communication to face the issues.

Regard for intercultural sensitivity and inventory.

Group III.

Building up a network in the theme of social media in the classroom using an open source networking engine like Elgg (with regard to data protection issues).

Partners send each other e-mails during the discussion to establish connection and have a trace of the initial discussion.

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