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1st Issue, September 2014

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LeHo - Learning at Home and in the Hospital
Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of young people across Europe and the rest of the world with medical needs, and that the majority recover and go on to lead full and normal lives?

Hospital schools and home tuition programmes ensure
that students not only keep up with their education, but that they can go on to achieve magnificent things.  


International network for Home and Hospital Education through ICT

LeHo - financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission - is developing an online hub that will provide tools and resources for those engaged or involved in home and hospital-based education for children with medical conditions. The initiative is coordinated by the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and involves 9 organisations that include universities, hospital schools, IT solution providers and European networks. 

In the first phase of this 3-year project, a definition of the key educational factors and highlighting good practice in the field are the initial outcomes that will be used to access further aims, such as providing a Practical Guide and a Toolkit for everybody involved in Home and Hospital Education (HHE) including medical staff, nurses, volunteers, teachers, parents, etc. By the end of the project, the resulting resource will target the policy makers and will conclude the experiences of the participants and contributors of LeHo, highlighting strengths, challenges and weaknesses that may require further development across the partner countries. 


 Background of home and hospital education

Despite the fact that education represents the most important factor in the prevention and mediation of the psycho-social consequences of illnesses in children and youngsters, students with medical issues are still less-engaged in learning, and face social difficulties, often resulting in lower academic achievement.

The best way to achieve a good level of education is to boost attendance in mainstream schools, which provide not only cognitive but also social and developmental advantages to all students. Read more... 

Glossary of terms in use in the Home and Hospital Education 

The very first tangible product of the LeHo project is now ready in a draft version. Because there is great variability in the terms related to home and hospital education depending on different contexts and countries, and there are also different names to referring to similar practices (home tuition, domiciliary learning…) a glossary was needed as a basis to ensure an effective communication on the HHE themes. See glossary...


Meet us at the following events:

  • The first meeting of the LeHo Board of Experts will take place: "Together for a better education for children and adolescents who are ill. Preparing Pedagogues to work in a multidisciplinary team in Hospitals" - HOPE Congress, 4-8 November 2014, Bucharest, Romania
  • Changing Learning - Online Educa, 3-5 December 2014, Berlin, Germany
  • Computers in education and learning - The BETT Show, 21-24 January 2015

Look out for LeHo results and developments, including: 

  • Launch of an online hub for professionals and others involved in home and hospital education
  • Result of meetings with Focus Groups (comprised of medical staff and hospital and home tuition teachers), including outlines of key educational factors
  • Foundation of the LeHo Board of Experts
  • Explore and design solutions, mostly ICT-based, to provide education to children, who are in hospital or receiving treatment at home




Register here for the LeHo online hub...
...and have access to more information about children with medical conditions and learning.
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