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Programme elements explained


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Plenary and Interactive Sessions

Plenary sessions include keynote presentations by world-renowned speakers supported by the Rapporteur who will moderate the Workshop in general. Morning Plenary sessions are followed by Interactive Sessions where participants will be assigned to a random group (homegroups) to discuss a set of selected questions.

Research-Speed-Dating Papers & Workshops

Accepted papers will be discussed in research-speed-dating style. These sessions include 6-7 short presentations followed by discussions in small groups. Participants have access to the online paper repository in beforehand thus are encouraged to read the papers before the event using. Workshops will discuss diverse topics with one theme as focal point. Session chairs will support thematic and structural facilitation.

Open and Oxford Debates

The Open Debate session will serve to discuss themes suggested by participants in fishbowl conversations. It allows the group to participate with all voices heard, supported by experienced animator.
The Oxford Debate will focus on the uptake and impact of Open Educational Resources in an "Oxford styled debate" format on with the participation of ICDE UNESCO chairs.

Poster Session and Best Poster Award Voting

The Poster session will take place in a dedicated room and the adjacent buffet area for meeting and discussion. Presenters will be near their posters during the session, while participants move around and discuss with the presenters. Participants can vote for the Best Poster using start stickers. The Best Poster Award will be presented at the Gala Dinner by The Open University.

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