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Issue 6 - November 2014


NEST Newsletter

November 2014

Issue 6

NEST - Network of Staff and Teachers in Childcare Services is a European project funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme – under Comenius sub-programme –, with the aim of establishing a network in the field of staff development in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in Europe. This is the final newsletter of the project.

Saying Good-bye!

Dear NEST Community members, Partners and Colleagues,

our project in its present form has ended on 31 October. During tha last three years we have forged a wonderful NEST team from the initial project partners and our close collaborators from all over Europe! We have achieved what we wanted and we were obliged to achieve - during the life span of NEST but we are already looking in the future!

Thanks to the work we did with the ECEC community in Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Finland and Germany, we see much clearly now how to progress on this road. We are busy putting together a proposal that would benefit greatly from the work of the community and that could benefit them the most. We are full of ideas and feel very strongly about making them happen!



Please note that the NEST portal and the NEST Library will still be available!

imageThe NEST Library

We will continue to promote the Library: it will be constantly updated by other communities and projects.

If you would be interested in having it included in your website, let us know! We are also able to give you admin rights, so you can monitor the uploads and add more key words and categories.

imageThe NEST Portal

The NEST Community portal - which has now more than 520 users from all over Europe - will be open and accessible in the next 5 years! The activity within it will be less structured than before, but we will continue to administer it and update the blog.

We have worked hard to translate the technical background of the multilingual portal (consisting of WordPress and BodyPress) - we are happy to share all the developed and translated features available!


Meet the persons behind the NEST project

The NEST Community has a very strong intention to remain in every user’s eyes a group of dedicated flesh and blood individuals. In every newsletter, a core community member introduced themselves and their professional interest as well as their activity within the NEST network. In this newsletter - as a way of saying good-bye - we have interviewed some of the people who worked on the realisation of the NEST project. You can read the full interviews on the portal.

imageKyriakos Lingas, Militos, Greece: What was most inspiring, was the fact or the assumption that young kids share so much in common, irrespective of country of origin, whereas grown ups have eventually lost this treasure! Kids have their own cultural niche, which they gradually loose! MORE


imageElvira Sanchez Igual, AMEI-WAECE, Spain [My main interest in the project was] to help educators from around the world to make contact with each other. We know that we learn from the great masters but, many times, the experiences of our own colleagues, their know-how and their focus on work topics help us put our own work into perspective. MORE


imageSvenja Pokorny, Amitié, Italy: It was awarding to work as an intermediary between academics, ECEC operators and policy makers. Try to understand the different points of view of an issue. MORE



imageBegoña Arenas, Scienter España, Spain: My interest is mainly professional, as I do work researching about innovation in education and learning, having more than 14 years of experience on this; but I have to admit that having to young children makes this project, and this theme, really exciting. MORE



Anne-Marie Lipphardt, Friedrich Alexander University, Germany: I am thrilled with the idea of NEST and the way of cooperation, but also with the dedication of each project partner. The individual commitment to achieving the project goals and how each one is taking over responsibility is something which is not self-evident. MORE




Stanko Blatnik, IPAK, Slovenia: We believe that several results of NEST project will be incorporated in the programme which will be accepted on the Council [for Development of Savinjska region] meeting. We have promoted the NEST project in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. We will prepare a Bosnian site on the portal for dissemination the project results in the Western Balkan countries. MORE


imageKrisztina Fehér, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary: The community was clearly a huge success: with enthusiastic, loving and very engaged group of professionals. For them to connect seemed really satisfying and inspiring, also their individual professional knowledge is impressive in itself. MORE


imageChiara Sirignano, University of Macerata, Italy: I would use the results of the surveys done and of the discussion threads to activate projects directly in available kindergartens or pre-schools. In this way we can improve the quality of the services, but also create the foundations to face those issues with the institutional training organizations. MORE


imageMarko Lahtinen, Educode, Finland: In the future I hope it is also possible to offer (on-line or/and blended learning) courses and workshops [through the NEST network]. MORE




Keep in touch!


The NEST partners, national representatives listed below are commited to the ECEC field and professionals.

We are happy to share our experiences, developments and collected information with you!



Contact person

Innovation in Learning Institute, Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen – Nürnberg, Germany

Anne-Marie Lipphardt, coordinator

University of Macerata, Macerata, Italy

Laura Fedeli,

Scienter Espana, Granada, Spain

Begona Arenas,

Amitié Research Center, Bologna, Italy

Svenja Pokorny,

IPAK Institute for Symbolic Analysis and Development of Information Technologies, Velenje, Slovenia

Stanko Blatnik,

EDUCODE National Center for Professional Development in Education, Tampere, Finland

Marko Lahtinen,

AMEI WAECE – World Association of Early Childhood Educators, Madrid, Spain

Elvira Sanchez Igual,

European Distance and E-Learning Network - EDEN, Milton Keyes, United Kingdom

Eva Szalma,

Militos Consulting SA, Athens, Greece

Kyriakos Lingas,

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary

Denes Zarka,

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