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Address: 34 Charleville Road, Phibsborough, DUBLIN 7, Ireland

City: Dublin


Contact emailabruce@ulsystems.com

Institution websitewww.ulsystems.com

Own websitewww.changelearning.eu

My EDEN portfolio

Membership type

Membership starting date: 2003.08.12

Conference attendances

Rhodes 2003, Budapest 2004, Helsinki 2005, Vienna 2006, Naples 2007, Lisbon 2008, Paris 2008, Gdansk 2009, Porto 2009, Valencia 2010, Dublin 2011, Athens 2011, Porto 2012

Conference presentations

Granada 2002 - Graduate Training in Rehabilitation Counselling Using Information and Communication Technologies – A Trans-Atlantic Experience
Rhodes 2003 - New Approaches to Dimensions in Distance Learning: Successful Consortium Model in the Disability/Rehabilitation Field
Budapest 2004 - Globalization, Modernization and Rural Inclusion: The Role of Community Based E-Learning in Addressing Regional Development
Helsinki 2005 - Community Based Learning Via Learning Communities: A Joint U.S. – Irish Perspective
Vienna 2006 - Innovative Learning for Social Inclusion: Equality and Diversity Training Developed by the Open Learning Centre (Galway, Ireland)
Naples 2007 - The Blended Experience: Transnational Continuing Professional Development in Disability and Diversity
Naples 2007 - Innovative Pedagogies to Enhance Technical Skills in Addressing Needs of Immigrant Learners

EDEN book presence

Beyond Barriers: Intercultural Learning and Inclusion in Globalised Paradigms

EC member: 2009-

EC Vice-President: 2010-

NAP SC Member: 2008-

EDEN Fellowship: fellow

Conference Committee member

2009 Gdansk, 2008 Paris

Keynote/invited speaker

2008 Lisbon

EDEN NAP profile

Area of expertise and field of interest (general), , , ,

Area of expertise and field of interest (education and training), , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Creanova: LLL Transversal Research project on innovation and creativity in learning and vocational training (Lead Partner: UPV/EHU the University of the Basque Country) 2008-2011


TRANSit: LLP Comenius 528005-LLP-2012-GR-COMENIUS-CMP Ellinogemaniki Agogi www.transit.eu 2012-

ODS Open Discovery Space ICT-PSP ODS-29722 Intrasoft Ltd www.opendiscoveryspace.eu 2012 -

LANGO: LLP 519242-LLP-2011-BG-KA2-KA2MP Eurinform Bulgaria www.lango.eu 2011 -

FIESTA: LLP Comenius 517748-LLP-1-2011-1-IE-COMENIUS-CNW  Enable Ireland www.fiestaproject.eu

MyStory: LLP  511641-LLP-1-2010-1-RO-KA3-KA3MP EuroEd www.mystories.eu

UEmploy: LLP Leonardo 510784-LLP-1-2010-1-RO-LEONARDO-LMP EuroEd www.uemploy.eu 2010-12

Mentor: Sink or Swim LLP Grundtvig Partnership GR2008-028P VUC-VS Denmark www.vuc.dk/sinkorswim

Educonlinux: LLP Minerva 229413-CP-1-2006-1-GR-MINERVA-M/2006 Platon School www.educonlinux.eu

CATIT: Leonardo da Vinci FI-05-B-P-PP-160601 Adulta, Finland www.catit.fi 2005-08


Publications, articles, papers, studies


International Crisis – Global Opportunity: diversity, inclusion and best practice in European rehabilitation, IARP: Scottsdale, Arizona (February 2011).

Learning for New Identities, New Security Forum, Berlin (December 2010).

Transformational Learning: theory, practice and policy in the construction of strategic innovation and creativity, UPV-EHU, San Sebastian (July 2010).

E-Learning Innovation and the Challenge of Change, with T. Patala, in “Diversitate si Identitate Culturala in Europa”, 7/1, Bucharest: ELMR (2010).

Engaging Inclusive Learning, in “Equality in a Time of Change: mainstreaming equality”, Dublin: Equality Authority, 2010

Discovering Vision: theoretical foundations for innovation and creativity in lifelong learning, EHU/UPV: San Sebastian (2010).

Preparing Pupils for a Changing Planet: learner empowerment and cultural competence through innovative best practice, with A. Papdopoulis, Universidade Aberta de Portugal, Porto (October 2009).

Embracing Change: developing staff competence in responding to diversity, equality and inclusion needs of visually impaired client, with T. Forristal-Barrett, ICEVI, Dublin (July 2009).

“Beyond Barriers: Intercultural Learning and Inclusion in Globalized Paradigms”, in Szucs, A. et al (eds.), Distance and E-Learning in TRANSItion, London: Wiley (2009).

“Supporting ICT situated learning and virtual skills rehearsal in workforce development”, in Landeta, A., Global e-Learning, Madrid: UDIMA & CEF (2012)