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Address: Centre for Science Communication and UNESCO Chair for Multimedia in Education ELTE University, Faculty of Science; Pázmány s. 1/a Hungary Office: Floor 7, Rooms 7.25-26

City: H-1117 Budapest


Contact emailandreakarpati.elte@gmail.com

Institution websitehttp://edutech.elte.hu

Own websitehttp://edutech.elte.hu/karpati

My EDEN portfolio

Membership type

Membership starting date: 2006.03.17

Conference attendances

Balatonfüred 1999, Budapest 2004, Poitiers 2005, Naples 2007, Lisbon 2008, Paris 2008, Gdansk 2009

Conference presentations

Naples 2007 - The Role of the Facilitator in the Development of Teachers

Eurodl presence

A Virtual Knowledge Market-Place

EC member: 2006-

Eurodl Board Member: yes

Conference Committee member

2009 Gdansk, 2009 Porto, 2008 Lisbon, 2008 Paris, 2007 Naples