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EDEN - A Community for Collaboration

...lways been important events for professional development, exchange of experiences...ctitioners could find areas for professional development. The atmosphere has always be...n in a variety of positions. She started her career as editor at NKS, one of the large...

2305 days ago

Reflections about Collective and Independent Study by M. G. Moore

...n of collectivist pedagogical theory and the development of virtual classrooms, I...ndent, learning. Notable among these current developments are the development of tools...istance. Since then, Professor Moore’s career has been dedicated to the developm...

2327 days ago


April, 2019 Part 1

...designed to advance learners’ career. They provide deep learning in a specific career field and are recognized by e...mpo is amazingly fast. Reflection on developments and achievements is a rare a...ible use of a portofolio as European Development The n...

1255 days ago

March, 2019 Part 2

...MOOCs as Tool for Development of 21st Century Skills...tance and e-Learning Policy and Development – The Role of e-Learnin...milestone in an academic's career. Learn more about the upcoming lec...In the light of the rapid development of Learning Analytics on a gl...

1282 days ago