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Much More Than A Conference

...son (see their profiles here) EDEN15 set new standards. But, above all, it conveyed an important message. Following up on the results of the EDENRW8 in Oxford (see Tony Bates'...

2590 days ago

Understanding the Context: Interview with Maarten de Laat

Interview by Antonella Poce Following the debate started by #EDENRW8 Research Workshop Rapporteur Tony Bates, we now meet Maarten de Laat, keynote speaker at the 2015 EDEN Annu...

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March, 2015

...- with your peers in the frame of the Synergy Strand. Pre-Conference Interviews Last year's #EDENRW8 - EDEN Research Workshop Rapp...

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November, 2014 - Special issue

...flections: the Eighth EDEN Research Workshop (EDENRW8) in Oxford...or joining the Eighth EDEN Research Workshop (EDENRW8), for their input and contrib...ference audience. The EDENRW8 by Tony Bates - Inspiring key...

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MOOC vs OER Roundtable: Tony Bates talks to Pierre Dillenbourg and Cristobal Cobo

"What works in one context may well not work in a different context. This leads to problems of generalization in research into human learning, because the conditions of learning can vary enormously." Tony Bates Last year's #EDENRW8  - EDEN Research Wor...

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2821 days ago

EDENRW8 By Tony Bates - Lessons Learned and the Challenges Ahead

In his final, fourth guest blog post, the EDENRW8 rapporteur Tony Bates gives us a synthesis of the event's main discussion trends and conclusions. As he states in the latest post in his own personal blog, one of the most important roles for the largest global organizations in the field, s...

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Comment on "Thoughts and reflections: this happened on Day 1"

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Comment on "Thoughts and reflections - Day 2 stories"

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