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Sustainable 'Fishing' in the EU

...ty wireless broadband connection helped his remote island get rejuvenated. Before Rural Wings virtually connected this tiny landmass with mainland Greece, the inhabitants’ usual...

1604 days ago

How expert use of technology in classrooms is boosting education results: refocusing the open classroom initiative

...onference included an emotional moment when EDEN Fellow Nikitas Kastis was honoured for his contribution to the field of educational innovation in Greece and his leading role in the d...

1744 days ago

Drinking From The Mnemosyne Water Spring - Guest Post by Costas Tsolakidis

...tely due to last minute logistic difficulties we couldn't travel to Greece and present it. But, this mar...ost. And, by the way, the EDEN Open Classroom initiative will return to Greece once again, this time to Athe...

1945 days ago

Best Poster Award

...Education: An Approach to Crisis Alleviation     Maria Fragkaki, Computer Technology Institute and Press, "Diophantus", Greece, Lampros Stergioulas, Univers...

2165 days ago

Fresh Ideas Need Arguments to Be Grounded by Research

...any, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, and USA. With the finalists, who have submitted papers that all had a fair chance to also become a winner, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Spai...

3094 days ago