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EDEN Fellow Awards Laudations at the Welcome Reception of the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference

...sion in Brussels, as well as on vocational guidance for students with di...ert Sangra UNESCO Chair in Education & Technology, Faculty Mem...irector of the M.Sc. program in Education and ICT (e-learning) and full...s former Portuguese Minister of Education. He  was responsible...

2720 days ago

The Silver Lining of Research in ODE - Interview with Olaf Zawacki-Richter on the field of Continuing Education (international comparison of education systems, study for working pr...ent (e-learning in continuing vocational training and competence mana...titutions use online distance education as a mode of delivery to reac...

3118 days ago

The Challenges of a Contemporary Educator - Terry Anderson Interview

...amous figures of contemporary education, and his list of achievements...h of what happens in distance education is cloaked behind passwords a...others as they increase their vocational, recreational, aesthetic in the Faculty of Health, Education and Society. He teaches on a...

3168 days ago