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There Are No Limits to EDEN

...'s success. This being my final post on the EDEN President's Blog, I would like to thank all th...ztina Tatrai who supported me brilliantly in setting up and managing the blog. Their contribution was simpl...

2287 days ago

Post-Millennium EDEN Through the Eyes of a President

We complete today the special series of guest blog posts by former EDEN Presidents on EDEN's 25 years of service to the open, distance and eLearning community. For the conclus...

2297 days ago


June, 2019

...New post on the EDEN President's Blog Read the new post on the EDEN President's Blog from EDEN President Airina Vo...

1185 days ago

May, 2019 Part 1

...50th anniversary of The Open University in the UK Read the new post on the EDEN President's Blog from EDEN President Airina Vo...

1220 days ago

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How to use the NAP tools

..., loads up a file or shares a blog post, you receive a short tex...view and/or edit your own Blogs; add and edit your Boo...n contents like pages, files, blogs. In each group the following...earches within users, groups, blogs, pages, etc.

3042 days ago


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Profiling Online Students - and EDEN NAP members

In this entry of the EDEN Presidents blog, I described the NKI student catalogue and stated: Maybe EDEN could do something similar for its NAP members? I'm now happy to see that the new NAP Members Area has a catalogue that in many ways remind me of NKI's student catalogue.

4566 days ago


PD in your PJs with #EDENChat

The importance and impact of a major Association such as EDEN comes from its ability to give a true and powerful expression to the aspirations and concerns of the community it serves. This means to be able to represent all kinds of actors involved and convey its different voices. In the field ...

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2425 days ago

Season’s greetings

The Swiss philosopher Alain de Botton suggests in The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work that however powerful our technology and complex our organisations are, the most remarkable feature of the modern working world might be one simple spiritual quality: the widely held belief that our work should...

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2467 days ago


Comment on "Synergy WG: The role of ICT and digital competencies in excluded / at risk groups' lives"

...Teachers in Childcare Services project would be glad if organizations dealing with Early Childhood Education and Care would join the international blog and bring in some success sto...

3034 days ago