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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events for successful presentations. We can see – the snowball effect is here. EDEN operates and performs through the members — both individual and institutional — thr...

2130 days ago

EDEN: 25 years as a Learning Environment

...three focal points of research at the time. The first view was on the individual learner, looked at either all types of institutions, networks, project participants and even individuals, membership driven with a de...

2376 days ago


May, 2019, Part 2

...access to education, resources, and research, are often practised by individuals rather than universities. Ho...nd in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, learning will be adaptive and individualized to meet the needs of indi...

1290 days ago

September, 2018 Part 2 outcomes of otherwise similar students. Teachers, in other words, are not interchangeable workers in some sort of industrial assembly line; individual teachers can change lives &nd...

1535 days ago

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...on menu (left column) allows you to see the whole document structure from any page. You can create as many of these structures as you like; each individual page has its own access contr...

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