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How to use the NAP tools

EDEN 2014 Group features As a member of this group you can collaborate with the other group members to create and manage common contents like pages, files, blogs. The following shared features are available: Pages: shared content to all group members Bookmarks: if you bookmar...

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Easy Joining, 2012

Special Issue - May, 2012 Light Joining It was never easier to join the NAP if your institution is member Joining the EDEN NAP - Netw...

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NAP Presentation

Those are the slides I used for the Pre-conference session: Introduction to EDEN, the Valencia Conference and the new Network of Academics and Professionals portal

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Prototype reflections

I have been testing the first prototype of the NAP-members area for some time and I'm really pleased with the development. I think it is an important strategic tool for EDEN. The success of this service depends on several factors. Among them are: Much public information M...

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