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Inspire! - An Unconventional Forum with EDEN Young Scholars

...n Online collaborative knowledge construction in higher education Involving students as volunteers in EU projects' dissemination activities be continued....

1342 days ago

Position paper for the 2014 NAP SC election

...consideration as we plan our future provision of member services and activities. Some existing services promote more engaging and wide reaching social media and technical activities during official EDEN conferen...

2092 days ago

How to use the NAP tools

...e Logged in users that is other NAP members. Manage your E-mail Notifications As a Conference Group member, you receive notifications on activities happening within the Group. W...

2090 days ago

Teachers' practices & case studies

...t: the culture of ICT in teaching practices. In need of change: attitudes towards methodologies, how do teachers analyse students'skills and activities? are teachers comfortable eno...

2310 days ago